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About the Resource Center

The Resource Center is provided free of charge to customers of either EAC Submissions or The EMS Accounting System to assist them with their ambulance billing needs.  It's our goal to make ambulance billing a task that is achievable in-house without extensive training in billing and coding. 

The Resource Center is a work in progress.  We welcome suggestions for topics to include as well as sites of interest to ambulance services.

The Resource Center includes items such as:

  • Links to:
    • CMS
    • Medicare Carriers
    • Medicaid Carriers
    • Major Carriers
    • Ambulance Associations
    • Codes and documents
    • EMS Websites
  • ICD-9-CM Codes for Ambulance:
    • Medical Conditions List
    • Alternative Diagnosis Code List (for ambulance claims)
    • Events Code List
    • Custom ICD-9-CM Code list for ambulance claims
  • Sample forms:
    • Trip sheets
    • HIPPA forms
    • Signature on File Forms