the ems accounting system
the ems accounting system
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The EMS Accounting System is comprised of three modules.  We have retained the module option to accommodate the needs of various agencies regarding insurance claims.  You can add-on optional modules at any time.

Basic Module (Required)
The Basic Module is required and provides all the accounting, invoicing, and reporting features.  If you do not need to file insurance claims, and just want to produce invoices, this is all you will need.
Insurance Module (Optional)
The Insurance Module option allows you to print to the HCFA and CMS 1500 forms (both new and old versions).  It allows you to save complete carrier information and to store up to three insurance carriers per patient.  It includes the diagnosis code look-ups, carrier rules, and the physician and insurance carrier databases.  If you only need to print paper claims, you can stop here.
Electronic Submissions Module (Optional with Insurance Module)
The Electronic Submissions module allows you to connect to either EAC Submissions or the LTC Clearinghouse to transmit electronic claims.  In both cases, additional fees are required by the Clearinghouses.

Module Pricing: 

Basic Module ................................. $350
Insurance Module ......................... $175
Electronic Submissions Module ..... $  25
Complete Package ........................ $500

Annual Support Fees:
Support fees are required annually and include unlimited phone support, all program updates, and access to our Ambulance Claim Research website.  The first year's support fee is waived.  The fees are:

Without Electronic Submissions Module.......... $  75
With Electronic Submissions Module............... $100

Additional Costs:
The only additional costs are for clearinghouse fees (paid direct to the clearinghouse) if you are filing electronically, and optional forms and invoices. 

We can supply CMS 1500 forms for use with the program as well as professional appearing invoices with matching window envelopes.  Click the "Order Form" button for a complete list of optional forms and envelopes


There is no contract other than the expectation that if you accept the update that ships with the annual support fee statement that you agree to pay that year's fee.


:: To good to be true ???
The most common question we get is "why is your system so cheap ?"

The answer is "simplicity and quality".

By focusing on ambulance billing, we eliminate the need to maintain other components that are not used by most customers (such as trip scheduling, personnel modules, etc).

We have also learned over the years that custom applications can drain the ability to maintain adequate support for the main program.  Therefore, if a customer makes a request and it is a topic that is likely to be advantageous to other customers, we incorporate it into the program for everyone.  One product is much easier to support.

Lastly, quality programming requires lesser support demands.  Lesser support demand means that we are available for you when you need us.  By building a quality product and encouraging customers to report any issues or desires, we are constantly improving the program for all.