the ems accounting system
the ems accounting system
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We have included some screen shots to give you a feel for the program:

The Main Invoice Screen:
This is the central hub of the program.  From this screen you can look-up old invoices, add new ones, add payments, print invoices and insurance forms, and if the carrier is set-up for electronic submissions, send insurance forms to the selected clearinghouse.  Note the change in the primary insurance button if the carrier has been set-up for electronic filing.

The Invoice Tab has all the options for printing/sending insurance forms, printing invoices and adding payments.

The Patient Tab holds the patient's information, and can also be accessed separately under the Databases Menu.  The program will allow up to three insurance carriers per patient.

The Insurance Tab holds all the information required to complete the insurance claim.  We've added in all the modifier options and diagnosis code options for ambulance claims.

The Diagnosis Codes can be selected with the pull-down menus.

The Invoice Utilities Tab lets you view the activity for this invoice, add a comment, send to collection, and for the "Frequent Flyer", view other claims for that patient.

The Payment Screen:
The program understands Medicare payments and will "do the math" for you, which in most cases will save you typing in the EOB amounts.

The program will post the payment and the amount accepted on assignment to the invoice screen. 

If the patient has a secondary insurance policy, you could print a claim for that carrier and if not, you can print an invoice for the patient's amount.

Insurance Carriers:
Insurance carriers are "collected" as you go.  We've pre-loaded all the Medicare Carriers and are adding other insurance carriers as their requirements are confirmed.  The "normal" custom options are displayed for the carrier on the carrier's main screen with the more unusual requirements on a separate customization screen.  If you are filing electronically, the customization is performed by the clearinghouse.

Additional carrier settings screen:

The program has a Summary Report that can be used to give a "snap shot" of the current status of your accounts.  More sophisticated reports are generated with the Report Writer. We've added enough options to the report writer to satisfy every one of our customer's needs.

We've also added the ability to print various useful lists and mailing labels.

Try the Demo:
These screen shots are only the "tip of the iceberg".  We strongly recommend that you try the demo and experience all the features.