the ems accounting system
the ems accounting system
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Focus on Ease and Efficiency

It is the philosophy of Avocation Software that computer software should be as efficient as possible for the user, not for the programmer.  We understand that putting an extra hour, or even day, into improving a single element in a program may save thousands of hours for the user who has to use that element over and over again for many years.

We also understand that time is money.  The more time that's required for ambulance billing data entry, the less time there will be to perform other important tasks.

Therefore, extensive effort has been put into making the data entry process as simple and efficient as possible.  Some of these efforts include:

Default Entries
The program utilizes default entries such as city, state and zip that can be accepted with a single key stroke.
Data Retention
The program can store patient, facility, insurance carrier, and physician information that can be re-used over and over again.  You only need to enter these items once, and the program will remember them for you for future use.
Type-and-Match Fields
Type-and-match fields are used to select stored data items.  Just start typing until you match what you need, then hit your enter or tab key to accept the selection.  The program will load the complete information stored, such as patient or hospital information.
Intelligent Pre-Filling of Data Fields
The program will "guess" many of the data entry fields based on what you have already entered.  For example, if the location of the call is a street address, the program will offer this as the patient's address.  If it is correct, just hit enter and move on to the next field.  If it is incorrect, merely type in the proper information.  Other pre-filled fields include Medicare payment amounts, modifiers, and run numbers.
User-Defined Charge Menus
The program utilizes two user-defined charge menus, one for non-insurance invoices and one for insurance invoices.  Just select the item(s) you want and the program will add them to the invoice.  You also have the ability to "hand enter" a charge as well.
Pre-Entered Diagnosis Codes
We have entered the Medical Condition ICD-9-CM Codes that Medicare is requesting from ambulance providers as well as the Alternative Diagnosis Code List and the External Causes List.  These codes can be selected from a pull-down menu.  No more looking up diagnosis codes.
Pre-Loaded and Default Insurance Carrier Setup
We have researched and loaded all of the Medicare carrier's claim requirements for both paper and electronic claims.  Other insurance carriers are being added as they are confirmed.  These pre-loaded carrier setups can be picked from a list and you are ready to go.  For carriers not in the list, the program will default to the most commonly accepted setup for the type of insurance.  In most cases this will be adequate.  When necessary, complete customization is available to suit special situations.