the ems accounting system
the ems accounting system
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The EMS Accounting System Features

The EMS Accounting System is a full-featured complete ambulance billing package that has been designed for simplicity and efficiency.

The program has been serving customers across the country since 1989.  Combining a long history of satisfied customers with the desire to continue to improve the program has resulted in a powerful, yet friendly package that can meet the needs of agencies of all sizes. 

Our focus is on power and quality without the need for a long "training curve" or extensive technical support.  Building quality into the program reduces the overhead for both the user and the programmer.  This philosophy has allowed us to provide a great program at a reasonable price without the need for expensive annual support fees.

By integrating with EAC submissions, we are now able to take on the "insurance confusion" and make ambulance billing and claim submission an achievable task for even the smallest of agencies.  Our goal is to provide a viable option for agencies that want to keep their billing, and revenue, in-house. 

We highly recommend that you download a demo copy of The EMS Accounting System and put it through its paces.  The demo is the actual program except that it will print "Sample Fire Department" as your name and will only let you enter up to 100 invoices while it is running in demo mode.  We recommend you set it up "for real".  If you like it, we can activate it with you over the phone and you can keep your work.

The EMS Accounting System is HIPPA and NPI ready and includes features such as:



  • Produce professional invoices
  • Process payments
  • Patient database
  • Institution/Facility database
  • Insurance carrier database
  • Physician database
  • "Frequent flyer" look-up
  • Track accounts receivable
  • Track past-due accounts
  • Automatic aging of invoices
  • Invoice activity record
  • Option to electronically export invoice
  • Full reporting capabilities
    • Invoices
    • Past-due list
    • Collection phone list
    • Mailing labels
    • Custom reports by patient, facility, insurance type, etc.
    • Accounts receivable reports
  • Access to EAC Submissions Ambulance Billing Research website
  • Ability to submit up to 3 insurance carriers per invoice
  • Ability to print 1500 forms (new or old)
  • Electronic submissions option on a carrier-by-carrier basis
    • Choice of EAC Submissions or LTC clearinghouses
  • Optional batch printing of insurance claims
  • Diagnosis codes database
    • Medical Conditions List for ambulances
    • Alternative diagnosis codes
    • External causes list
  • Pre-loaded insurance carrier rules
  • Customizable insurance carrier rules
    • Extra modifiers
    • Special procedure codes
    • Hospice rules
    • Custom formatting