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Clearinghouse Basics
EAC Submissions Fees
EAC Submissions Enrollment




Setup Fee:
EAC Submissions requires a one-time set-up fee of $75.00.  This fee includes:

  • Registration with EAC Submissions
  • Access to our secure website for transmissions and reports
  • Transmission initiation and transfer software
  • Access to our members-only Ambulance Claim Research Site

Claim Submission Fees:
EAC Submissions will charge a fee per claim submitted.  Claims that are rejected due to formatting or transmission errors will not be charged.  Claims that are rejected due to invalid or incomplete data are the responsibility of the subscriber and will be charged.  Customers using The EMS Accounting System will not be charged for incomplete or invalid claims other than for data entry errors that the software cannot trap for. 

EAC Submissions will charge the following fees per claim:

  • .30 per claim for EMS Accounting System Customers
  • .32 per claim for all other electronic submissions
  • .52 per claim for paper claims (EMS Accounting System customers can print and send their own claims in-house)

Volume discounts are available for customers submitting over 2,000 claims per year.


The only contract for EAC Submissions is a statement of understanding of warranty and liability.  There is no obligation and you may quit at any time. 

If you use The EMS Accounting System, you can select which carriers will submit to EAC Submissions on a carrier-by-carrier basis.


:: Save $$$ with Integration
When analyzing the cost of ambulance billing and claim submission it's important to take into consideration the cost of inefficiency.

The personnel cost for time lost by having to double-enter information into multiple claim programs can far exceed the submission cost to a centralized clearinghouse.