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EAC submissions clearinghouse

The EAC Submissions Clearinghouse specializes in electronic submissions of ambulance claims.  By focusing strictly on ambulance claims, we can offer higher approval rates with less headaches than clearinghouses that are primarily focused on Medical Payers.

Our clearinghouse can accept data from numerous ambulance billing vendors in several common formats. 

  • ANSI 837 Format
  • Comma-delimited text file
  • ASCII Print "Dump" from a CMS 1500 printer file

For users of The EMS Accounting System Software, EAC Submissions will accept data transfers direct from the software, eliminating the need for any "double entry" or extra transfers, and improving the quality control process for claim approval prior to transfer.



:: Integrated Software
Direct integration has been established between EAC Submissions and The EMS Accounting System ambulance billing software.  If you are looking for a quality billing program in addition to seamless claims submission, we recommend that you try a demo of The EMS Accounting System.
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As a customer of EAC Submissions, you will also have access to our Ambulance Billing Research Site.  The site contains the results of our extensive research into ambulance claims and includes such items as ICD-9-CM Codes for ambulance claims, links to CMS ambulance regulations, links to major carriers, templates for trip sheets and much more.